3 Cars

3 Cars is an opera in which all of the characters on stage are radio-controlled cars which can sing. This is achieved using remote control cars of different types (convertibles, delivery vans, police cars) and wireless live audio from opera singers which is emitted by speakers strapped to the tops of the cars and hidden amplification placed strategically around the room.

short making of movie:

The plot, which is set between Dover (UK) and Calais (FR) through the Ferry system that connects them, deals with contemporary reflections on material values and is both devastating and humorous; it is a direct and intimate look at the creative decision “How should I live my life?”, told through the eyes of the machines that we take for granted.

3 Cars Premiered at Grachtenfestival twice, at Gaudeamus Muziekweek and at Lola Luid. It was funded by Amsterdam Fonds vor de Kunst.

3 Cars was featured on national television in the Netherlands, by NTR Podium on Tour.

Funding partners: Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst Grachtenfestival Gaudeamus Muziekweek Voordekunst Lunatree Lola Luid Roest Ampco Flashlight Tivoli Vredenburg

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.