Book Of Premonitions - Multidisciplinary Opera (2023)

Book of Premonitions brings together the imaginations, thoughts and dreams of more than 200 minds who happen to be 11-12 years old. 

Through cirriculum engagement, a new form of deconstructed opera emerges, opening space for placemaking through the score object itself. The score for the opera is co-written by students together with support from the school and our own in house team. Later, this score (viewable below) is realised into a interdisciplinary production; with actors, musicians, tap dancer, robot-builder, ecological designer and more coming together to transmit the messages of young people to a live audience.

“Er spelen veel volwassenen in voorstellingen met teksten gemaakt vóór kinderen, maar er spelen nauwelijks volwassenen in een voorstelling met teksten gemaakt dóór kinderen.”

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Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.