Millennial History
a podcast by Resonate Productions

Concept & interviews: Andrea Voets
Sound design: Luke Deane

Millennials (born between 1980-2000) have been labeled as spoiled, self-absorbed, superficial and all over the place. On a global scale, the internet, hyperconnectivity and mobility made their lives more similar to each other than any other generation in history. This does not mean they are rootless or indifferent.

In their early years, the Berlin wall fell, Truth & Reconciliation marked the end of Apartheid, Yuguslavia got broken up after a long war, Ireland lived the final days of Troubles and 9.11 shook the world. Now that their lives are taking definite shape and this new generation is reaching positions of power and responsibility, the moment has come to reflect on their story-so-far, with the help of musical journalism.

In this podcast, we relive impactful moments in recent world-history through the eyes of millennials who were there when it happened. Andrea Voets talks to friends that witnessed crucial events between 1985 and 2005. They share their experiences and reflect on the consequences for today and tomorrow.
The music is generously offered by artists that have a personal and geographical connection to the themes at hand.

Millennial History wants to spark meaningful conversations between young people, by bringing to light this hidden dimension of a shared history. Conversations that connect us on a deep level, in the middle of a constant flow of messages, tweets, status-updates and news.

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