A set of five VIRTUAL HOLIDAYS curated for NITE DELIVERY, in which Luke collaborated with 5 actors from Club Guy&Roni and 5 Composer/Performers, creating an immersive sound-design 


SKYDIVE - Joost Bolt (Voice), Christine Cornwell (Violin/Voice), Luke Deane (Sound Design + Script).

UK HOUSE PARTY - Sarah Janneh (Voice), Richard Stenton (Electronics + Script), Luke Deane (Sound Design + Script).

ICE CAVE - Camilo Chapela (Voice), Ragnar Olafsson (Guitar), Luke Deane (Sound Design + Script).

NOWHERE - Sofiko Nachkebiya (Voice), Robert Nettleship (Drums + Script), Luke Deane (Sound Design, Synths + Script).

PRIVATE ISLAND - Igor Posiadly (Voice), Emile Frankel (Sound Design + Script), Luke Deane (Sound Design).

Available on request.

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.